What is a legal event? Classification of legal events

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1. What is a legal event?

A social relationship can only become a legal relationship when this relationship has governing legal norms and the parties participating in the relationship are subjects with subjective capacity. However, the impact of legal norms on social relationships that create, change or terminate legal relationships is a complex mechanism. Legal norms can only give rise to, change or terminate certain legal relations when specific events in life occur, in accordance with the conditions and circumstances stated in the legal norms. in the assumption section. Those are legal events.

Legal events can be understood as events that occur in reality, the appearance or disappearance of which is foreseen in legal norms, associated with the creation, change or Termination of certain legal relations.

Thus, legal events are a part of real events that happen in life. However, legal events must be actual events recognized by law that have legal value for the appearance, change or termination of legal relationships. Whether or not certain actual events are recognized as legal events will depend on the will of the state and other objective conditions of socio-economic life.

illustration. What is a legal event? Classification of legal events

2. Classification of legal events

Depending on the classification, legal events can include many different types. Specifically:

2.1. Based on willpower standards

Based on will criteria, legal events are divided into legal events and legal acts:

– Legal changes are phenomena that occur in nature or society (independent of human will) and in certain cases, the law associates their occurrence with the formation in subjects with certain legal rights and obligations. For example: The death of a person due to illness ends the legal relationship of marriage, causing the legal relationship of inheritance to appear…

It is worth noting that legal events must be events predicted and regulated by law in specific legal relationships. For example: storms, floods, natural disasters, and fires are inherently normal events, but if the law considers these events to have legal significance in the exemption of legal liability due to breach of contract, These events are considered legal events in force majeure situations.

– Legal acts are events that occur according to human will (both in a state of action or inaction), and are a form of expressing the will of the legal subject, for example: acts of signing. contract, theft, neglect to help someone whose life is in danger,…

Behavior is divided into legal behavior and illegal behavior.

2.2. Based on the number of circumstances and conditions that give rise to legal consequences

Based on the number of circumstances and conditions giving rise to legal consequences, legal events can be divided into simple legal events and complex legal events.

– Simple legal event : is an event that includes only one actual event whose occurrence the law associates with the arising, change, and termination of legal relations. For example: Just one event of a person’s death can end the marital relationship between husband and wife.

– Complex legal event : is an event consisting of a series of events, only the occurrence of this set of events can give rise to, change or terminate a legal relationship. For example: When a person dies, an inheritance relationship can arise if that person has property (inheritance arises when the person with property dies); When a storm occurs at sea and a fisherman fishing in that area does not return after a year, the people involved have the right to request that that person be declared dead.

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